Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentines day eve..

i'm sorry my sad wee little blog, for i have neglected you...i'm such a meanie..i'll try to give you the love and care you so deserve.

now, this blog was supposed to be about things that inspire me and my husband. and our life and family and things of that nature...i haven't done any blog posts about le husband thus far. until now....he's so cute :)

my husband recently bought/inherited a classic car from his dad. a 1964 buick skylark. my father in-law has been restoring it for the last fifteen years and recently when my husband had an opportunity to buy it he didn't hesitate. it'll be in the family forever, as my one of my ten year old boys, logan, is convinced it'll be his someday.... :)

while out for a drive..

happy valentines day!!

xo, zara

1 comment:

  1. Wow - What a car!

    Beautiful photos... hope you had a lovey Valentine's day!