Wednesday, November 24, 2010

snow & star crowns..

it arrived!! and it was like christmas morning seeing in zeeee mailbox. also, snow arrived in large quantities.. school was canceled. the mister got stuck on the freeway for six hours. an hour commute turned into six : / yikes. so he played it safe and stayed home the following day... anyway, me & the crown.. like peas & carrots. 
                      i want to wear it alllll day, everyday.. it's love.

tomorrow's thanksgiving and i cannot wait! my most favorite dinner of the year.. and of course i'll be wearing my starlette crown :) happy thanksgiving!!!

xo, zara

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a crown of stars upon my head..

i ordered this magically delicious 'starlette crown' from one of the most charming etsy shops, Giant Dwarf recently. it'll arrive so very soon and i cannot wait to wear it, yo. cannot.wait.

 the photo above is from the shop right here...

i first saw it on l.a. ink, kat von d was wearing it and i fell in love! i never in a million years thought i could track it down so i planned on trying to make one. and then that next week i was looking at the blog 'a beautiful mess' and could not believe my eyes. she was having a give-away and THIS was it! i entered the give-away and then an hour later i decided to just buy one, it had to be mine!! i was going to order one in gold but after reading that the silver tarnishes into a beautiful shade of gold, i bought the silver, fo sho.

i think i may need one in red too :)

xo, zara

Sunday, November 14, 2010

bursting at the seams with inspiration.

i love it when every month like clockwork my magazines arrrive in the post. fashion moves me, oh how i longed to be a fashion designer as a teenager.. until i realized i can't sew. like at all. well, i can sew but all the figuring out to do, like measuring and math. ewww. anyway.. inspiration, yessss. the possiblities that an image provides my imagination. i love it.

these are all from W magazine...

i can't believe i'm going to say this but the snow photos are making me look forward to...snow. and i'm SO not a snow person. but now i see the possibilites and beauty of it, photographically speaking. hopefully the reality will ring true.

i had my first gingerbread latte this season and it was delightful.

xo, zara

Thursday, November 11, 2010

there is nowhere else i belong, i want to live inside your song.

zaika by castledoor.

one of favorite groups. sadly they broke up earlier this year.. but the love still shines through their music. i had the honor of seeing them live when they played in seattle a couple of years ago. my sister and i were the first ones there :) it was pretty hilarious. we even stood around after the show to get a photo with them. i also geeked out wee bit and professed my love of their music to a couple of the band members. such nice and genuine folks.. their music has been apart of my family's daily soundtrack, my kids & husband know and sing their songs. thank you castledoor, your music has been a beautiful addition to my life.

us & castledoor (my sister is the first one on zeeee right)... i must say, this was a few months after i had my youngest child. i was a wee bit volumptious here, hehe..

xo, zara