Friday, August 27, 2010

my new mantra..

being perfect is not my intention.
and really, to me life is too short to care about being judged. 
people always will and i was never one to feel the need to please them.

-i read this on bohemian musings.

people will judge no matter what. they'll judge me for having red hair. or my fair skin. the car i drive... i see people judge my husband for having sleeves of tattoos on his arms. thankfully not everyone judges to that extreme but people do judge. but honestly, it's a distraction from themselves. a distraction from their own insecurities. i've come to realize that caring about what others think in a way that stifles what you really want in life makes us a prisoner to other people's judgements. i don't want live that way.

i want to live free and be me.
xo, zara

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