Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogging from my couch/celly cell..

So, ummmmm. Hi. Testing, testing, 1, 2.. Technology is cuh-razy cakes. It's a wondah ('wonder' in an english accent), says Karl from 'an idiot abroad'. Me and the husband's new favert funny show. So hilarious. I accidentally saw a bird get impregnated today.. 'twas innerestin. Spring is IN the air, Lady birds getting pregnant left and right. I love seeing the trees getting pretty colors again, spring is my favorite. I always wish it lasted longer..

My oldest son bought a banjo. A gorgeous banjo made from the lovliest wood. He recently joined a band, they want to perform at an open mic soon :)

hmmmm.. what else? Oh! Omg, I never wrote about my ocean adventure.. It was a wondah! Very enjoyable. Lots o' relaxing. The drive was nice, only two hours. Except when I reached Aberdeen it started to rain big huge fat raindrops, like my windshield wipers were on fullblast and I still could barely see. And also, whenever I drive through Aberdeen, my mind never fails to start playing Nirvana. Always. Everytime I drive through.. Anyway. The place I stayed in was super cute. The town/beach village was totally 'the Truman show' style except beach houses. A store, restaurant, bike shop there in the wee little town. I had fish tacos for the first time ever at the restaurant, SO YUMMS!! So yum infact that I've been obsessed with fish tacos ever since and went overboard. I have tried every single place around and the other day had a super nasty one, it killed the fish taco moment. Gag.. The ocean, yes. Where was I? Ok, ate dinner, went back to my cute place with the ocean view. Watched the sunset, took pictures, did my writing, I thought alot about my life and my family. I missed them. We even facetimed while I was there which made me a little sad. I missed them but reminded myself that morning would arrive soon enough. I sat in silence and went out on the deck and listened to the ocean. I could hear it all night, so delightful. It was so cold, too cold to go to the beach. I took lots of outfits with me, I had a photo shoot planned in my mind.. Way too coldy cold. The bedroom was cute but creepy, no tv and I'm a fall asleep with the tv on kind of gal. So I made a cute bed on the couch and comfortably slept there. Morning arrived, I made coffee and sat out on the deck taking in the view. Then got ready and headed home. Stopping at a really small town called Elma in hopes to find some treasures. And I did! Found some sweet dresses for my little lady, a coat to sell in my etsy, a 1950's bowl (it's exactly like one that already own, so I had to. It needed to be with it's twin) and a set of 1970's juice glasses. I had a wonderful time alone, much needed. It was nice to get home to my family. Here are some iPhone pictures of my trip.

packing for my ocean adventure..
                                     on my way there, having dinner, the sunset and my cute cozy bed..

So the writing I did while there was for a magazine that I'll be featured in :))) I'll be one of many talented photographers in the premiere issue of Fourx5 magazine. And omg, I'm over zeeee moon thrilled! Here's a peek of the cover, it will be available on April 1st. weeeeeeeee!!

                     created by the awesomely rad and talented, Susan Vasconcelos.

                                          Eeeeeeeeee!! So excited for that!

                                                              xo, zara


  1. Wow, congrats on the magazine, that's fantastic!!

  2. Thanks, Rachell!! I'm pretty stoked about it! And I'm really looking forward to doing a guest blog on your site :)

  3. THis is all so wonderful! It's so important to carve out time alone ... a mini adventure to reconnect you with your inner self, the one who can wonder and marvel at the world and take leisurely moments discovering the world, and herself. So happy you took this trip. And that magazine! YAY! So proud of you! THat cover is gorgeous! How can i lay my hands on that magazine??? Big hugs and kisses to you beautiful girl!