Friday, October 29, 2010

charlie chaplin, of course.

so a couple o' days ago i'm browsing online and i see something about a time traveler spotted in a charlie chaplin dvd. from his 1928 movie 'the circus', it was on a bonus dvd, footage from the movie premiere. i initially think, "ha! charlie chaplin, he really pulled a fast one on us, clever.." and then proceed to click on the story. i watch it all unfold, "yes, yessss! no way!! there REALLY IS TIME TRAVEL?!"  it was an older woman talking into a small black cell phone as she walked down the street! i was captivated, i've always been fascinated by time travel. it started with the movie 'somewhere in time' with christopher reeves and jane seymour. that movie was so real to me, i still get choked up watching it.

and then i read 'the time travelers wife'. omg, hiiiiii, best book ever... so far. so when i saw the lady from 1928 talking into a full on cell phone, i was blown away. i've been thinking about it all since i saw it my very own eyeballs. calling people, "have you seen the time traveler video?!?!!"

so today i see something about the charle chaplin cell phone lady again. it showed a hearing aid from 1924, it was a small skinny black box. they didn't have the clip into ear hearing aids yet.. ummmmm, yeah, it all crumbled at that moment. shattering onto the floor, evaporating into thin air.. poof! gone.

there's still a part of me holding on though.. come on time travel, i know your out there somewhere..

it's fascinating. time. the past. the future. the now.


  1. Don't we all just wish there was such thing as time travel :(
    On a light note, I love the time travellers wife! It made me cry lol

  2. I really like your posts! and your header is amazing!

  3. I just saw that you became a follower of my blog! Thank you! And your comment was so sweet!
    (Thom Yorke makes my soul soar!) haha!

    I love your blog!