Thursday, November 11, 2010

there is nowhere else i belong, i want to live inside your song.

zaika by castledoor.

one of favorite groups. sadly they broke up earlier this year.. but the love still shines through their music. i had the honor of seeing them live when they played in seattle a couple of years ago. my sister and i were the first ones there :) it was pretty hilarious. we even stood around after the show to get a photo with them. i also geeked out wee bit and professed my love of their music to a couple of the band members. such nice and genuine folks.. their music has been apart of my family's daily soundtrack, my kids & husband know and sing their songs. thank you castledoor, your music has been a beautiful addition to my life.

us & castledoor (my sister is the first one on zeeee right)... i must say, this was a few months after i had my youngest child. i was a wee bit volumptious here, hehe..

xo, zara

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