Thursday, January 27, 2011

i'm sorry, it's been like ten years since my last blog post.

i've been majorly sidetracked. i finished my 365 project on flickr on new years eve and it has kind of thrown me off of my daily schedule. yes, a creature of habit, i'am. i have taken exactly 650 pictures since december 29th, for me that's scarce. i only know the exact number because i just now uploaded them :) in other news.. i just put together thirteen photos of mine to be shown in an art exhibition/art walk. they're being showcased (as well as for sale) for all of february and march at a friend's salon, b&g house of style in kennewick, WA. if you live in that area, please check out my photos AND of course their beautiful salon. and then my etsy.. i finally did it.

xo, zara

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  1. Nice shop! I love "don't look down before you dive" it's thrilling.

    <3 Danielle