Monday, February 14, 2011

all you need is love...

..said the beatles. i believe that is the world's greatest truth. the first time i meditated that message came to me with such clarity and it brought me peace in that moment. i used to be the worlds biggest worrier, i'd worry about things that have already happened, what could happen, what should happen.. it was exhausting. but in that moment of clarity and knowing that all we REALLY needed was love, that worry started to let go.

i love moments like that, where you'll receive a message unexpectantly and it speaks to you. everything falls into place and you know you were meant to receive that message.

so, today.. valentines day. a day to celebrate love. i say we celebrate love everyday. the love for ourselves, our family, friends, the love for life and living. being present in the moment, truly taking a good look around you and absorbing it. love is all around and it lives within. we're not alone, we're all in this together.

that's what we remember in the end. the love, not the box of chocolates or the over priced flowers. the love is what we take with us...

ha! that last line.. who am i patrick swayze in ghost? hehe :)

so lastnight the boys (meaning my middle two) and i made homemade valentine cards for their classmates :) we, meaning me :) cut out a bunch of hearts from construction paper and they filled them out. so sweet :))) they were pretty excited about it too. it was the way to go. the store was wiped out, it was either hello kitty or kai lan and for two fifth grade boys that selection would have never cut it. my oldest boy came home from work with flowers for his lady friend. it was pretty cute.. he asked me to help him spiff up the flower presentation so i took some ribbon and wrapped the stems all fancy-like.

my boys :) ava was just all about eating her chocolates, hehe.

 me & the mister..

wishing the world a happy valentines day!! i hope you feel loved. truly loved, because you are.

xo, zara