Sunday, November 14, 2010

bursting at the seams with inspiration.

i love it when every month like clockwork my magazines arrrive in the post. fashion moves me, oh how i longed to be a fashion designer as a teenager.. until i realized i can't sew. like at all. well, i can sew but all the figuring out to do, like measuring and math. ewww. anyway.. inspiration, yessss. the possiblities that an image provides my imagination. i love it.

these are all from W magazine...

i can't believe i'm going to say this but the snow photos are making me look forward to...snow. and i'm SO not a snow person. but now i see the possibilites and beauty of it, photographically speaking. hopefully the reality will ring true.

i had my first gingerbread latte this season and it was delightful.

xo, zara

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