Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a crown of stars upon my head..

i ordered this magically delicious 'starlette crown' from one of the most charming etsy shops, Giant Dwarf recently. it'll arrive so very soon and i cannot wait to wear it, yo. cannot.wait.

 the photo above is from the shop right here... http://www.etsy.com/people/giantdwarf

i first saw it on l.a. ink, kat von d was wearing it and i fell in love! i never in a million years thought i could track it down so i planned on trying to make one. and then that next week i was looking at the blog 'a beautiful mess' and could not believe my eyes. she was having a give-away and THIS was it! i entered the give-away and then an hour later i decided to just buy one, it had to be mine!! i was going to order one in gold but after reading that the silver tarnishes into a beautiful shade of gold, i bought the silver, fo sho.

i think i may need one in red too :)

xo, zara


  1. that is so funky and cool. i want one now!

  2. oh gosh this is adorable! you have good taste:)